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[audio]An Analysis Of The Past : The Genesis Of Experimental Processes - Various Artists
Argali Records Presents An Analysis Of The Past: The Genesis Of Experimental Processes Yes indeed... While our gaze may be firmly set towards the future, it is important at times to indulge in retrospection. After all, without a firm grasp of where we came from and who we once were, we have little to no hope of firmly establishing who we will be and where we will go. To assist in this endeavor, Argali Records Netlabel presents "An Analysis Of The Past: The Genesis Of Experimental Processes"...
Keywords: argali records netlabel; experimental music; compilation; experimental; industrial; electronica; noise; avant-garde; cut-up; weird; john lithium
Downloads: 328 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Glue Factory (ARGREC20) - Luxurious Dagger
Just in time for Cinco De Mayo, Argali Records plunges headfirst into the strange and fascinating world of twisted plunderphonic collage soundscapes with this short, but sweet EP by Luxurious Dagger.Appropriated (or should that be 'liberated' instead) from the detritus of a turbulent pop culture ocean, "Glue Factory" is a deliriously miasma fusion of ephemeral proclamations and percussive elements, bent and twisted to shift uneasily around the psyche of the listener...
Keywords: argali records; cut up; dadist; experimental; luxurious dagger
Downloads: 1,299 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio]Psychic Negation (ARGREC11) - John Lithium
This material was originally going to be released under the project title "Psychic Negation". However (much in the same manner as the aborted "Void Decompression" side-project material was incorporated into "Insomnia"), so these songs are now being released as a single EP. Two long-playing tracks, both slightly over twenty minutes long, they are both extensive meditations into frozen 'guitar' and 'synth' drone, the reverent ghost of post-rock roughly stretched towards infinity...
Keywords: john lithium; terra engine; experimental; dark ambient; drone; post-rock; heavy
Downloads: 131 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Famine (ARGREC08) - Rusted Spheres
"This my communication. Panicked orchestrations of lifetime lost dreams, the null, dull drone of a constant pain, the industrial impacts of such a pain, and the rock of a hopeful thought. Feel my soul." An enigmatic mix of avant-garde strains of dark ambient, industrial, electronica, and post-rock. Melancholic, personal, cryptic, enigmatic, prophetic, and poetic. A perfect way to take away the happiness of the season...
Keywords: rusted spheres; argali records
Downloads: 209 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Stranger Than Fact (ARGREC02) - JMMIII
Two long-form, experimental ambient remixes of material from the John Lithium album, "The Remixable Stranger" ( In the midst of shimmering drones, fragmented synth melodies, stuttering industrial frequencies, time-shifted melodies, and wordless technoid languages can also be heard. Simultaneously comforting, unsettling, and enigmatic. In the highly futurist aesthetic of this album, one might be tempted to claim that these songs are echoes from...
Keywords: stranger than fact; JMMIII; john lithium; jon7; the remixable stranger
Downloads: 167
[audio]I (ARGREC01) - The Nihilist Fish-Engine Phenomenon
This is the first album from The Nihilist Fish-Engine Phenomenon: a collaborative effort between The Jesus Fish Experience (Interesting Specimen), Terra Engine, and Nihil Obstat (John Lithium). The first half of the album is composed of 'lighter' material (constructed by The Jesus Fish Experience and Terra Engine) while the second half features 'heavier' material (created by Nihil Obstat and The Jesus Fish Experience)...
Keywords: john lithium; interesting specimen; the nihilist fish engine phenomenon; argali records netlabel
Downloads: 138
[audio]No End In Sight Remixes Volume I (ARGREC05) - Nihil Obstat & Friends
After a somewhat lengthy gestation period, the long-awaited remixes compilation of the Nihil Obstat album "No End In Sight" is finally released unto the world. Featuring remixes by Reaching, The Jesus Fish Experience, MLF, Nihil Obstat, and Smetnja, this collection is sure to please fans of noise, industrialized post-rock, power electronics, and subversive beats. Nihil Obstat is still looking for remixes for future volumes...
Keywords: nihil obstat; no end in sight; grundale records; reaching; the jesus fish experience; MLF; smetnja
Downloads: 161
[audio]Lithium Toolbox Volume II (ARGREC18) - John Lithium
John Lithium Presents: LITHIUM TOOLBOX VOLUME II --- Lithium Toolbox returns with a collection of thirty compositions (both new, remixed, and from the vaults) of synth soundscapes. If you are looking to add an unexplainable presence and aura to your composition, then this set will help you on your way. While many of these 'songs' are able to stand under their own merits, they eagerly await for assimilation into your own designs, either in a remix and/or enhancement capacity...
Keywords: john lithium; lithium toolbox; soundsources; soundscape; sound kit; sampling; synth; noir; sci-fi
Downloads: 97
[audio]Subversive Intent (ARGREC04) - Hex
Industrialized dubstep: simultaneously menacing and foreboding. A distinct air of apocalypse surrounds the proceedings. Cryptic and hostile proclamations amongst desperate warnings. At points, distinctly dark ambient in the transmission echoes. HEX: Argali Records:
Keywords: hex; industrial dubstep; argali records
Downloads: 139
[audio]Most People Stay In Corners (ARGREC09) - The Jesus Fish Experience
The amalgamation of industrial metal, doom, post-metal, noise rock, and dark ambience continues with The Jesus Fish Experience's third offering for Argali Records: Most People Stay In Corners. Emotional, cathartic, and introspective, this is the album for introverted shadows hiding underneath the damned sun of existence. The Jesus Fish Experience: Argali Records: and/or http://argalirecordsnetlabel.wordpre...
Keywords: the jesus fish experience; argali records; industrial metal; doom; post-metal; noise rock; dark ambient
Downloads: 102
[audio]The Piano Concerto (ARGREC06) - Buben Vs. Nasta Labada
Argali Records is proud to present "The Piano Concerto", a long-form avant-garde piano composition augmented with industrial atmospherics. In the words of the composers: "Imagine a thunderstorm over the mountains near the sea, a stream of piano sounds flowing into the wilderness of nature from a house on the mountain slope, a lonely soul expressing the amazement caused by the mighty forces of Nature...
Keywords: vladislav buben; nasta labada; buben vs. nasta labada; the piano concerto; avant-garde; industrial; field recordings; argali records
Downloads: 1,793
[audio]Flat Affect : Lobotomized Vol. 1 (ARGREC22) - Flat Affect
Argali Records Netlabel proudly presents "Lobotomized Vol. 1", the first in a series of releases by Flat Affect collecting tracks from out-of-print splits. On this release, Flat Affect exudes a toxic auditory haze: an amalgamation of industrial, noise, power electronics, and drone, accentuated at points by obscured glimpses into the foreboding maelstrom of human interactions. As the musician himself notes, these tracks are meant to create tension within the listener, and to this end they succeed...
Keywords: flat affect; drk; experimental; drone; industrial; power electronics; noise
Downloads: 44
[audio]The Road Ahead (ARGREC21) - Various Artists
Argali Records Netlabel "The Road Ahead" 2012 has come and gone without the apocalypse and/or universal transfiguration of all matter (with or without the popular misunderstanding of the Mesoamerican Long Count calender and ancient Mayan culture in general), so we here at Argali Records are celebrating with our second compilaiton "The Road Ahead". Within, please discover for your listening pleasure a collection of tracks ranging from glitched-out techno, ambient, dark cinematic motions, hallucin...
Keywords: luxurious dagger; total et; jukka pekka kervinen; my free mickey; noisesurfer; jet ghost; 2mach; earch concrete; bash nova; john lithium; argali records; compilation; electronica; techno; glitch; electronica; ambient; dark ambient
Downloads: 502
[audio]Trinity Ocean And The Zero Desert (ARGREC16) - The Game Owls
The Game Owls returns to Argali Records with their second offering: “Trinity Ocean And The Zero Desert”. Featuring his distinct hybridization of post-rock/post-metal and experimental electronica, this album is a decidedly darker affair than “So The Heavens Can Hear Us…”. Yet, with the frequent acoustic touches and mournful vocals, this is an experience that is both personal and universal in scope: dark companion hymns for the days long left behind, and those still remaining...
Keywords: the game owls; post rock; post metal; experimental; the jesus fish experience, argali records netlabel
Downloads: 452
[audio]Cosmic Predation (ARGREC17) - The Jesus Fish Experience
If you have been following the progress of Argali Records for a while now, then you should (hopefully) be familiar with the work of The Jesus Fish Experience. Pursuing a dark, singular musical vision, "Cosmic Predation" fuses haunting e-bow melodies and dirges to the psyche of the listener. Comparisons to 'post-metal', noise rock, industrial, black metal, doom, sludge, and even dark ambient can be made, but thankfully the end result goes beyond such simplistic classifications...
Keywords: the jesus fish experience; argali records netlabel; industrial; shoegaze; doom; sludge; cosmic predation
Downloads: 461
[audio]Lithium Toolbox (ARGREC14) - John Lithium
John Lithium Presents: LITHIUM TOOLBOX --- Lithium Toolbox is a soundscape collection, featuring twenty-five different synth compositions from John Lithium. This collection is mostly sci-fi/cyberpunk/noir influenced and/or inspired. The first twenty-two tracks are brand-new songs composed in June, while the final three were recorded in May. The total collection is roughly 625 MB, with an average 'song' time of about two minutes...
Keywords: john ithium; argali records; dark ambient; industrial; drone; sound sources; soundscapes; remixing
Downloads: 100
[audio]Magnitudes Of Infinity (ARGREC15) - The Jesus Fish Experience
The Jesus Fish Experience returns to Argali Records with their fourth release: Magnitudes Of Infinity. Several months of planning, composing, recording, and mastering have resulted in the creation of a two-headed behemoth of a composition, the second half featuring the vocal talents of Jordan Hyman of The Game Owls. In a lush marriage of dissonance and harmony, otherworldly soundscapes blend seamlessly with hypnotic rhythms and haunting melodies...
Keywords: The Jesus Fish Experience; The Game Owls; post-metal; drone; drone-metal; post-rock; noise; industrial; post-industrial; ambient; dark ambient; noise rock; shoegaze; post-punk; experimental; Argali Records Netlabel
Downloads: 396
[audio]So The Heavens Can Hear Us, The Earth Will Be Our Sound (ARGREC12) - The Game Owls
A heartfelt exploration and expression of the infinite cosmos which surrounds and imprisons the Earth, "So The Heavens Can Hear Us, The Earth Will Be Our Sound" is a multi-faceted auditory document, radiating outward past the usual banal musical forms you typically experience. Although not easily lending itself to simple classification, it contains elements of avant-garde post-rock, experimental electronica, acoustic rock, and even varying strains of blues elements...
Keywords: the game owls; post rock; metal; acoustic; experimental; argali records
Downloads: 255
[audio]Time Will Pass (ARGREC19) - Various Artists
Warning: Please use discretion in volume when listening to and enjoying these songs. --- Argali Records is proud to present our first compilation: "Time Will Pass". While there is no specific 'theme' for this collection, initially a text was written by John Lithium explaining some of the concepts around the 'time will pass' set of ideas (namely, the permeability of time, the impermanence of fixed events and objects, and the subjective nature of sensory experience) [more on this can be found at t...
Keywords: argali records; compilation; mystified; noisesurfer; slowpitch; implicit order; earth concrete; jet ghost; luxurious dagger; secant prime; sleep crimes; president blair; NOISUMON; uncoiled loops; john lithium; time will pass; soundscapes; turntabalism; dark ambient; avant-garde; industrial; noise
Downloads: 854
[audio]Nihilist Machine (ARGREC07) - The Jesus Fish Experience
The Jesus Fish Experience returns with his second release for Argali Records: "Nihilist Machine". A highly caustic, experimental, and volatile cocktail of equal parts industrial, post-metal, doom, and noise-rock, here is the continuing saga of what might eventually termed as 'anti-futurism'. Why set your eyes on the future, when the present is rapidly collapsing beneath your feet? An intense focus is presented to the listener: the juxtaposition of the relationship between mass media oversaturati...
Keywords: the jesus fish experience; argali records; industrial metal; doom; post-metal; noise rock; dark ambient
Downloads: 119
[audio]Songs Of Protest, War, & Hate (ARGREC03) - The Jesus Fish Experience
"...and God have mercy...upon your lost children..." "...who ravage this planet in search of you..." "...Est deus in nobis..." Argali Records is proud to present the album "Songs Of Protest, War, & Hate" by The Jesus Fish Experience. While previously appearing as one half of "The Nihilist Fish Engine Phenomenon" in the label's debut release, this album focuses completely on the unique industrial post-rock dirges of The Jesus Fish Experience...
Keywords: the jesus fish experience; ether drift; rusted spheres; terra engine; argali records; jew fish pie records
Downloads: 188
[audio]Escapism (ARGREC13) - John Lithium
A collection of material recorded between 2008-2011. Some of these compositions were previously available for short periods of time, although many have not been released until now. This is to be considered as a compilation/retrospective, rather than a 'complete album'. Enjoy. As darkness descends and time quickens around me, I cannot escape escapism. --- I. All Doors Opened: Features samples from the Orson Welles film "The Stranger" (
Keywords: john lithium; argali records; escapism; industrial; dark ambient; drone; other
Downloads: 141
[audio]Insomnia (ARGREC10) - John Lithium
For fans of Tim Hecker, Nadja, Aidan Baker, Beyond Sensory Experience, Lustmord, Coil, Yellow Swans, Boards Of Canada, Aphex Twin, Atrium Carceri, and experimental electronica/drone/dark ambient in general. John Lithium returns with his second 'solo' album: "Insomnia". While the preceding album, "The Mysterious Stranger", was a harrowing glimpse into the inner mechanics of a melancholic persona, "Insomnia" is an auditory study and presentation of the phenomena of persistent sleeplessness, and th...
Keywords: john lithium; terra engine; argali records; dark ambient; drone; experimental; electronica; other music
Downloads: 6,744
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